Why I Don't Eat Animals

This 35-page e-booklet explains why the consumption of animals is economically inefficient, environmentally destructive, and immoral.

It looks at animal agriculture from pragmatic and ethical perspectives:

1. Pragmatic

Animal agriculture impacts on climate change, environmental degradation and biological diversity.

Effects on human health of consuming animals, including zoonotic diseases.

2. Ethical

Socio-economic effects of animal agriculture.

Moral implications of their confinement and exploitation and of the cruelty of factory farms



We do not escape unharmed when we abuse other species. In justifying brutality, we expose our own; in seeking protection from the law and police from experiencing it ourselves, we betray a hopeless double standard, since it seems brutality is okay as long as we are not the ones suffering it. We do not elevate ourselves through this behaviour; we diminish our moral stature firstly in the brutality and secondly in the hypocrisy. There is also the cowardice in looking the other way while others do the dirty work of confinement and slaughter.

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