The Law Many people are not aware that in South Africa, the Animal Health Act places responsibility on the owners of animals to protect their animals from parasites or any […]

Breed-Specific Legislation is problematic for the simple reason that the notion of ‘breed’ is itself questionable, and if the very essence of the idea has no legitimacy, then any legislation […]

Early dog breeding mimicked natural selection, in that dogs were bred to work – the dogs that could herd sheep or cattle, or that could defend against intruders, etc., were […]

Dogs have been human companions for a long time. A recent study suggests that the relationship between humans and dogs started about 30 000 years ago, when fur-clad humans were living […]

In recent times, there has been a development in policies of residential complexes and retirement homes that has had a significant effect on many people’s relationships with their companion animals. […]

Critical Thinking is a relatively new discipline to humans and it’s formalisation and development is still in progress. It has been a subject in schools in the UK since 2008. […]

Prospective pet owners and policy makers would like to be able to predict the probable future behavior of dogs in order to choose appropriate companion dogs and to anticipate problematic […]