Every year, the primitive tradition of setting fuses alight in order to create explosions is sanctioned by Government. It seems strange that various minorities’ beliefs are respected while the apparent […]

Breed-Specific Legislation is problematic for the simple reason that the notion of ‘breed’ is itself questionable, and if the very essence of the idea has no legitimacy, then any legislation […]

We do not escape unharmed when we abuse other species. In justifying brutality, we expose our own; in seeking protection from the law and police from experiencing it ourselves, we betray a hopeless double standard, since it seems brutality is okay as long as we are not the ones suffering it. We do not elevate ourselves through this behaviour; we diminish our moral stature firstly in the brutality and secondly in the hypocrisy. There is also the cowardice in looking the other way while others do the dirty work of confinement and slaughter.

Early dog breeding mimicked natural selection, in that dogs were bred to work – the dogs that could herd sheep or cattle, or that could defend against intruders, etc., were […]

In recent times, there has been a development in policies of residential complexes and retirement homes that has had a significant effect on many people’s relationships with their companion animals. […]

Prospective pet owners and policy makers would like to be able to predict the probable future behavior of dogs in order to choose appropriate companion dogs and to anticipate problematic […]

The Pit Bull Placebo explains how function, myth, media, and the marginal elements in our society can combine to demonize a group of dogs, however precisely or vaguely defined, and […]